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Examination of opportunities for integration of lean principles in construction in Dubai

Lean construction has been shown to have significant potential for impacting construction projects and is receiving increased attention worldwide. The potential for lean implementation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has generated interest among construction executives. This interest, however, has translated to limited implementation and...
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Prevention of collusion for innovative construction

In order to ensure healthy competition and alliance among construction stakeholders, this study assessed various measures that can be adopted to minimize or eliminate the practice of collusion in the construction industry.
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Inefficiencies in Norwegian small-scale construction, or the problem of too long trucks?

''When the truck arrived at the construction site it could not unload the material because it [the truck] was too long, we had to send it away [...], this happens all the time in Oslo where we have to build on very small plots.'' (Carpenter...
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Process integration framework for the design phase of a residential building

In Peru, the design phase of construction projects is frequently plagued by inefficiencies and poor coordination. The aim of this research is to develop a process-integration framework to improve visualization and communication in the design phase, aligning Building Information Modeling (BIM), Project Management Book of...
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Carbon reduction programs and lower income households in Australian cities

This paper presents preliminary findings of a recent research project on the barriers that lower-income households in four Australian cities – Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, and Darwin – face in reducing their carbon consumption, and the impact of programs implemented by federal and state governments and...