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Scientific Reports



Journal article

Completeness of open access FluNet influenza surveillance data for Pan-America in 2005–2019

The proposed metric outlined in this article could navigate experts in assessing open access data quality and quantity for conducting credible statistical analyses, estimating disease trends, and developing outbreak forecasting systems.
Journal article

Climate change accelerates growth of urban trees in metropolises worldwide

Based on tree ring analyses in ten metropolises worldwide, we show that, in general, urban trees have undergone accelerated growth since the 1960s.
Journal article

Feeling stiffness in the back: a protective perceptual inference in chronic back pain

Do you have a problem with chronic back pain? This research interrogates the long-held question of what informs our subjective experiences of bodily state.
Journal article

Neuroimaging of sport concussion: persistent alterations in brain structure and function at medical clearance

This study presents the first evidence of altered brain structure and function at the time of medical clearance to return-to-play (RTP), with greater changes in brain function for athletes with a longer recovery time.
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