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The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) Parts A and B outline the Queensland infrastructure priorities to grow the economy, create jobs and provide quality services to Queenslanders. It provides a framework to allow government to plan and prioritise infrastructure investment and delivery in a fiscally responsible way. The SIP provides confidence to industry and the community on the future direction of infrastructure provision statewide. The first SIP Part A: Strategy and Part B: Program were released in March 2016, with Part A to be reviewed every five years and Part B to be reviewed and updated annually in line with the State Budget. This 2017 update of SIP Part B confirms the Queensland Government’s current infrastructure program for each asset class. It also details additional Future opportunities to address the challenges and objectives outlined in SIP Part A. The asset classes are: cross-government transport energy water health education and training digital justice and public safety arts, culture and recreation social housing. This 2017 update of SIP Part B also provides an update on policies and initiatives established to support the implementation of the SIP. These include several initiatives being delivered through the State Infrastructure Fund. The Proposals raised through consultation and Future opportunities in the 2016 SIP Part B have been assigned a level of maturity through the Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program, a State Infrastructure Fund initiative. The level of maturity is outlined in the Proposals raised through consultation section and the Future opportunities within each asset class. A review of the Implementation actions in the 2016 SIP has been conducted as part of the overall performance measurement of the SIP. A framework has been developed to assess the delivery of initiatives within the State Infrastructure Fund. It has also been used to align 2016 SIP 1–4 year program and Future opportunities against the responses for each asset class. The results of this assessment are included throughout this SIP update.

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