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Discussion guide: the community engagement charter

Putting people at the centre of major planning decisions
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This guide has been produced to help South Australians develop the new Community Engagement Charter for Planning. The Charter was one of 22 recommendations developed following almost two years’ consultation with over 2,500 people, led by the ‘Expert Panel on Planning Reform’. The Expert Panel consulted with community, industry, local Government and other stakeholders to hear their experience of the existing planning system and opportunities for reform. The Expert Panel provided their recommendations to Government in December 2014 and the Government responded in March 2015, following a further period of public consultation. The Charter was one of the Expert Panels recommendations which was supported by the Government and is now one part of the wider reform of the South Australian planning system enshrined in the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. This Guide includes information on what a Community Engagement Charter is, what the principles of good community engagement are, and some examples of good community engagement practice in Planning and other areas. It also has some questions to get you thinking and talking about what should be in the Charter, and how the Charter should be used to improve community engagement in planning decisions. These questions are highlighted in the orange boxes.

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