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24 Jun 2010

This study compares senators as a group of political representatives with members of the House of Representatives as another group to assess the similarities and differences between their work,

their roles and responsibilities, and their conceptions of representation. Drawing on surveys of 233 current...


12 Dec 2005

The Coalition parties only received 45.09 per cent of the first preference vote in the Senate but won 21 of the 40 seats up for election, or 52.5 per cent of the seats. Scott Brenton analyses the relative lack of proportionality in the Senate, and...


23 May 2005

Scott Brenton examines data from the 2003 Australian Survey of Social Attitudes and the 2004 Australian Electoral Study, in considering whether there is declining confidence in Australia's democratic institutions. He examines issues of democracy, government, politicians, parliaments, the legal system and public servants.

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