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27 Apr 2008

This publication provides a brief overview of migration, with an emphasis on the contribution migration has made to the workforce. It shows that Australia has been using targeted migration programs to expand and enhance the skills base of its workforce for some time.


12 Mar 2008

Around a quarter of all Australian wage and salary earners are casual workers. Casual workers, in general, receive less training than those in ongoing employment. This paper considers whether the prevalence of casual employment is sustainable. It looks at the home and community care sector...


2 Oct 2007

This report study explains what factors encourage young people to pursue an apprenticeship. Information from students and courses indicates that the key drivers of apprenticeship uptake are intrinsic interest and academic ability. School students with higher academic ability are less interested in apprenticeships. In contrast,...


31 May 2005

In this statistical compendium Toni Cavallaro, Paul Foley, John Saunders and Kaye Bowman examine vocational education and training students with a disability as a group, focusing on their participation levels, achievements and outcomes from VET, and identifies gaps and/or issues with the existing data. They...


12 Aug 2004

The vocational education and training sector is an important source of qualifications for associate professionals, the second fastest growing occupational group in Australia's labour market. This report offers employers, industry organisations, and professional associations an insight into the benefits of contracted work-based training arrangements for...

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