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18 Jan 2016

Though Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world, there is strong evidence that shows agrarian attitudes and sentiments continue to have a powerful hold on the community. This paper attempts to gauge community attitudes towards agricultural policies and explore how agrarianism...

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19 Jul 2010

The evident and unresolved health disparity between Aboriginal and other Australians is testament to a history of systematic disenfranchisement. Stigma, lack of appropriate services and the expense of delivering services in remote settings make it impossible to adequately address mental health needs, including suicide, solely...

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1 Jan 2009

Australian mental health policy emphasises the central importance of social inclusion for promoting mental health and treating illness. Social capital is a commonly used concept for describing and evaluating social inclusion, but its relationship to mental health has not been investigated among groups of differing...


5 Nov 2008

This project investigated the context in which relationship instability occurs by examining the factors (at the individual, and the couple/family levels) that precede relationship dissolution within Australian families with children.

The report considers whether mental health problems, impaired physical functioning, hazardous levels of alcohol...


25 Mar 2008

This paper reports on the first phase of a two-part research project that aims to substantiate a new approach to describing the Australian population for social policy purposes.

By analysing psychosocial factors that contribute to overall wellbeing, the researchers have developed ways of generalising...

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