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18 Mar 2015

Examines survey respondents' beliefs about whether they felt they had been left behind by information and communication technology (ICT) developments, and whether they were worried about being left behind in the future.

Summary The rapid advances in information and communication technology (ICT) in...


22 Jul 2013

This report highlights some of the ways in which Australian families with children under 18 years old have changed or remained stable.

Key messages

This fact sheet examines the extent and nature of change in household and family forms. The broad trends...


27 May 2013

Key messages

Significant changes have occurred in patterns of relationship formation and dissolution and childbearing over the last century and into the new millennium, with many of the changes of the most recent few decades being unprecedented. Marriages have been occurring at increasingly later...

Literature review

29 Aug 2012

Life events or transitions are understood to be circumstances that have an unsettling element for individuals (and from a systemic perspective, for family members also). Life events or transitions, even when pursued and ultimately beneficial, usually require adjustment on one or more fronts and relinquishment...


18 Aug 2011

Trends in couple formation and dissolution have resulted in an increase in the proportion of Australian adults who are unpartnered.

Patterns of couple formation and dissolution in Australia have changed significantly over a number of decades. Such changes represent a response to the interaction...

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