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19 Dec 2017

The vast majority of Sudanese Australians have integrated successfully into the fabric of Australian society, yet a small number are at-risk for violence and other criminal activities. This study identifes the self-reported life experiences and offending patterns of Sudanese-Australian youth in custody.

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12 Apr 2012

This research explores the initiation and progression of new late-life romantic relationships among older Australians (60 years plus). Our research found that older adult romantic relationships were meaningful, important and sexually intimate. However, few led to cohabitation or marriage, with these older adults preferring to...

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31 Jul 2007

Research into student dropout rates has attempted to identify factors that influence a student's chances of dropping out. Student engagement has emerged as an important aspect of academic success. It would seem that the development of friendship networks, based on socializing, could also be important,...

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29 Oct 2004

This study examines the relationship between trust and public attitudes towards new technologies in Australia. Using data from the 2003 and 2004 Swinburne National Technology and Society Monitors, we ask: does the trustworthiness of the key institutions and people behind new technologies have an...

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