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1 Jan 2013

Using an extensive array of primary and secondary data, this paper constructs, and then uses water-use-input-output (WIO) models to look at the way in which different types of economic growth affect (a) the incomes and employment of Indigenous and non-Indigenous households and (b) consumptive water...

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1 Jan 2010

The purpose of this paper is to estimate the contribution that expenditure by Aboriginal people, and related institutions and activities, makes to the Central Australian/Alice Springs economy. Expenditures estimated include: those by Aboriginal people in Alice Springs; expenditure in Alice Springs by institutions which deal...


12 Jul 2005

This report by John Taylor and Owen Stanley was originally prepared as part of the Council of Australian Governments' Indigenous Community Coordination Pilot trial at Wadeye in the Northern Territory. The study aimed at answering questions from the COAG partners as to the opportunity cost...

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