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15 Jan 2017

New estimates show that just eight men own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world. As growth benefits the richest, the rest of society – especially the poorest – suffers. The very design of our economies and the principles of our economics...


12 Dec 2016


Collecting tax is one of the key means by which governments are able to address poverty. But big business is dodging tax on an industrial scale, depriving governments across the globe of the money they need to address poverty and invest in...


Report for the 46th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting, Port Moresby, September 2015
15 Sep 2015

Australia and New Zealand are surrounded by some of the most vulnerable countries to climate change on earth. The Australian and New Zealand governments need to fully recognise the dangers facing Pacific Island countries and territories, and work hand-in-hand as a united Pacific towards solutions....


23 Jun 2008

A dangerous gap exists in Australia's refugee system that means people threatened with torture and gross human rights violations are being sent back to their country of origin after years in detention centres because they do not fit the technical definition of a 'refugee', according...


31 Jul 2007

Armed violence is the greatest threat facing Iraqis, but the population is also experiencing another kind of crisis of an alarming scale and severity. Eight million people are in urgent need of emergency aid; that figure includes over two million who are displaced within the...

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