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Andrew Bushnell is a Research Fellow working on the IPA’s criminal justice project. The project aims to improve community safety through reform of Australia’s bloated criminal justice system.

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7 Jun 2019

Australia has seen rapid, unsustainable growth in its incarceration rate. Over the past ten years, the proportion of Australian residents who are incarcerated has risen by 30 percent. The purpose of this paper is to show what this increase means in real terms. Every extra...


19 Oct 2018

This paper recommends that victims of crime be given the right to instruct the DPP to seek leave to appeal sentences that they find unjustly lenient. The primary goal of this reform is to address community concern that the judiciary is out-of-touch with community standards,...


14 May 2018

This report provides a national overview of community corrections and outlines how community service, as the chief component of community corrections, can be made more effective through the involvement of commercial businesses.


15 Sep 2017

This paper provides an overview of national statistics pertaining to the high level of incarceration of Indigenous Australians and the socioeconomic background to that phenomenon. It also considers how to address this issues by applying the traditional criminal justice principles of equal justice, personal responsibility...


8 Aug 2017

This paper provides an international comparison of the costs, scope, and effectiveness of criminal justice in Australia.

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