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Working paper

8 Feb 2017

The limited empirical evidence available in Australia points to beneficial effects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ identification with their culture across a range of outcome domains. Living in remote communities, with limited mainstream economic opportunity, services and infrastructure – notably inadequate housing –...


8 Mar 2016

The Australian higher education sector has had a number of changes in the recent past. Notably, the Bradley (2008) Review of Australian Higher Education had recommended an increase in higher education access and completion by individuals from equity groups or backgrounds. Since the Bradley Review,...

Working paper

2 Jun 2015

The mobility of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples has long been seen as posing challenges for policymakers, by being a factor that contributes to inferior educational, employment and housing outcomes and that generally frustrates mainstream models of service delivery. However, in empirical terms, very...


16 Sep 2014

This analysis of Australia's galleries, libraries, archives and museums finds that digital innovation in the sector is inconsistent and isolated, and provides a roadmap to maximise the potential of the digital economy.

Executive summary

The GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector...

Working paper

8 May 2014

From first engagement between European settlers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the mobility patterns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been viewed as problematic, as random and unproductive. Subsequent policies to ‘civilise’ and ‘assimilate’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples into...

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