Elly Robinson


Elly Robinson is the manager of the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange and the Expert Panel project at AIFS.
Elly has extensive experience in knowledge translation and exchange, project management and resource development, and has authored a number of publications and resources. Her research interests include adolescent health and welfare, mental health, global health and the impact/use of digital communications in families and relationships.

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2 Nov 2016

Child abuse is associated with an increased risk of gambling problems in adulthood, according to a systematic review published recently in the journal Child Abuse and Neglect. The association was significant for multiple forms of maltreatment, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and psychological maltreatment....

Briefing paper

17 May 2016

This paper defines the types of supported playgroups and varying models of implementation in operation in Australia, and assesses the evaluation evidence for their benefits to parents and children.

Supported playgroups are playgroups run by a paid facilitator that aim to support families with...

Journal article

15 Mar 2016

The Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) commissioned the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) in 2014 to assist with the establishment of a panel of experts to help agencies funded under the department's Families and Children Activity. The Families and Children Activity provides...



28 Oct 2014

CFCA Manager Elly Robinson draws on the wisdom of Atul Gawande to help make complex concepts understandable.

"Use familiar words – words that your readers will understand, and not words they will have to look up. No advice is more elementary, and no...


20 Feb 2014

This paper summarises the emerging literature on the effect on children and family relationships of having a fly-in fly-out/drive-in drive-out FIFO/DIDO parent.

Abstract: A limited but growing amount of Australian research into fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work practices tentatively suggests that a FIFO lifestyle...

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