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Briefing paper

6 Jun 2018

The misuse of pharmaceutical drugs is a major public health issue in Australia, as highlighted by parliamentary, government and coroner reports. There are fears that Australia could be heading down the same path as the United States, where prescription drug misuse has been described as...

Briefing paper

14 Nov 2017

On 21 September 2017, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 was introduced into the NSW Legislative Council. This paper compares it with a similar Bill in Victoria.


10 Aug 2017

This paper reports on trends in NSW state finances between 2002-03 and 2017-18 (inclusive). For most of the key indicators, the paper also shows trends by Parliament for the current (56th) Parliament and previous three Parliaments.


10 Jul 2017

This paper reviews current NSW Government and national policies on suicide prevention.


9 Jun 2017

With a draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 released in NSW in May, this paper outlines recent developments and studies in countries that allow euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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