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Professor Scott Prasser is the inaugural Executive Director of the Public Policy Institute and is a graduate of the University of Queensland and Griffith University. Prior to joining Australian Catholic University (ACU), Professor Prasser held senior policy and research positions in federal and state governments and has held senior academic positions across universities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. 
His recent publications include: Restraining Elective Dictatorships: The Upper House Solution? and Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries in Australia. In 2009, Professor Prasser was appointed to the Australian Law Reform Commissions Advisory Committee that reviewed the Commonwealth Royal Commissions Act 1902.

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6 Jan 2012

This discussion paper looks at the forthcoming election in Queensland, including the state of the parties and the current electoral geography.

“If the Liberal National Party wins the forthcoming Queensland state election it will be a major watershed for state and national politics,” Prasser...


28 Nov 2011

The third report by Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Public Policy Institute (PPI) and commissioned by the Independent Schools Council of Australia, examines parental contributions to education and shows that the parental investment in non-government schools has positive effects on the quality and equity of Australian...


29 Jun 2009

ACROSS MODERN DEMOCRACIES, there have been increasing public complaints that executive government is too powerful and too dominant. The concern is not new, but it has become more urgent as executive government increasingly controls and manipulates not only parliament but also the other institutions of...


22 May 2008

This paper seeks to identify trends and drivers of change affecting school education in general and the independent school sector in particular and to analyse where existing arrangements have potential for new policy directions. It argues the full potential of the Queensland education system is...


20 Dec 2007

This discussion paper analyses the Howard government’s Regional Partnerships Program, the subject of a recent Australian National Audit Office report. The authors discuss the democratic implications and question the political value of pork-barrelling.

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