APO Moderation Guidelines

APO collects and catalogues a wide range of public policy-related resources. 

These include Articles, Surveys, Books, Briefing papers, Chapters, Directories, Discussion papers, Essays, Guides, Interviews, Open Access Journal Articles, Literature reviews, Lectures, Presentations, Policies, Programs, Reports, Statistics, Strategies, Submissions, Theses, Transcripts, Working papers and more, with a preference towards published researched work over opinion.

*(Please note: as of September 2019, APO no longer accept uploads of paywalled journal articles.)

Material collected on the site is mostly produced by academic research centres, government departments and agencies, think tanks, NGOs, the media, consultants, professional bodies, private enterprise and individuals. Organisations and researchers are encouraged register as external editors to post their content for submission to APO editors who will moderate the content prior to publication.

Material will be considered that is:

  • Credible and well expressed
  • Open access
  • Relevant to public policy debate and research in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and beyond.

Because links on the web are often unstable, we prefer to upload and host full content on APO. We also allow external links that are backed up to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine - and there is a mechanism to do this on the upload form.

Copyright remains with the original copyright holders of this work. By hosting content APO does not claim copyright over the work but is granted the non-exclusive right to post and distribute its content. External editors undertake that, to the best of their knowledge, they have the right to grant that permission.

If you would like to submit research for consideration:

> Step 1. Register or Login to APO

> Step 2. Post details of your resource and upload or embed content
(documents, video, audio, websites etc)

> Step 3. Submission is moderated by APO editors
(this will take from 2 hours up to 2 working days)

APO reserves the right to make necessary additions or deletions to submitted content prior to publication, or to refuse publication. If accepted your resource will be live on APO and you can share the link with the world and track views.