Cathy Madden


Cathy Madden is the lead researcher for the Parliamentary Library, part of the Department of Parliamentary Services. She is Director of the Politics and Public Administration Section within the Research Branch. The Section provides high quality information, analysis and advice to Senators and Members in support of their parliamentary and representational roles primarily in the areas of Australian politics and government. The advice is provided by responding to individual requests, preparing briefs and publications and a range of self-help resources.

Cathy has had extensive experience working in the client service branch of the Parliamentary Library. Prior to becoming Director of the Politics and Public Administration Section, Cathy worked in the area of legal information research.

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4 Oct 2018

Senators and members receive an annual allowance by way of basic salary—$207,100 from 1 July 2018. This research paper explains the legislative basis, fixing and linking mechanisms for the allowance.


6 Sep 2018

This quick guide provides a brief overview of the legislative and administrative changes to parliamentary business resources (as they are now known) and updates Parliamentary Library information showing the total remuneration of Members of Parliament, ministers and parliamentary office holders.


10 Nov 2017

In 2012 new arrangements regarding the remuneration of Commonwealth departmental secretaries came into effect. This paper sets out the revised system.


19 Jan 2017


The Northern Territory (NT) has a unicameral parliament—the Legislative Assembly—elected under the provisions of the Electoral Act (NT). The NT has a fixed election date, the fourth Saturday in August, every four years: the previous election was held on 25 August 2012....


17 Dec 2014

Introduction: The issue of parliamentary salaries, allowances and entitlements continues to generate interest and comment. This research paper sets out major changes to the parliamentary remuneration and entitlements regime, including the authority and governing legislation and explains how different aspects of parliamentary remuneration and...

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