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24 Feb 2016

The growth of professional supervision in social work has been accompanied by complex attempts to theorise key elements of supervisory practice and highlight the need to further examine what constitutes supervisory support in current regulatory environments. Changes in human service organisations resulting from new public...

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1 Oct 2014

This paper provides an overview of the most significant public policy initiatives that apply to known sexual offenders who live in the community.

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4 Apr 2014

Sex offender registration and community notification schemes form an increasingly important part of public policy relevant to the management of known sex offenders in the community. Critics of these policies not only point to the lack of empirical evidence that is currently available to support...

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26 Feb 2014

Policy analysts have devoted considerable time to examining the problem of the policy implementation gap, with one important strand in the literature following Michael Lipsky’s work on street-level bureaucracy and discretion. In this paper, we aim to contribute to the literature concerning shifts in government/third...

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15 Jul 2013

Collegial support is important in maintaining job satisfaction and contributing to worker retention in the human services. However, little is known about to whom human service workers look for support, including advice and guidance, and how they utilise and value the support available in a...

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