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State of Australia’s fast growing outer suburbs

Part 1 - The economic transition of the fast growing outer suburbs

21 Aug 2017

The fast growing outer suburbs are in transition, economically as well as demographically. Their populations and their economies are becomingmore diverse. Their economic and housing role has become even more important against the backdrop of rapid economic growth of our cities, agglomeration, and the rise of knowledge and services. They play a pivotal role in supporting both city centres on the one hand and rural townships on the other.

The fast growing outer suburbs are performing strongly against economic, employment and population indicators. But investment is required to lay the foundation to ensure this growth is sustainable into the future. They are not receiving their share of investment in transformational infrastructure. National productivity is at stake if we do not plan and invest in infrastructure that enables to fast growing outer suburbs to successfully transition to the new economy.

This work is designed to deepen the understanding of the role and function of the fast growing outer suburbs within cities and how investment will not only benefit them but will have a national impact.

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