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13 Jul 2010

This report asks what is meant by social and emotional wellbeing for children and young people and identifies possible national indicators based on these constructs.

Why is there so little nationally and internationally comparable data on the social and emotional wellbeing of children and...


10 Jul 2009

Through a staged collaborative process, ARACY’s ‘Child readiness to learn’ project aims to identify the points of intervention where most benefit will be achieved in reducing the impact of poverty on children’s ability to learn. ARACY works with researchers, practitioners and experts in a range...


28 Feb 2008

This paper reviews nine analyses, all published since 1998, and all of them involving in-depth interviews or groupwork with children aged between 5 and 17. The case studies cover issues including exclusion from activities and peer groups at school and in the community; perceptions of...

Discussion paper

29 Jan 2003

In this paper the authors investigate the changing characteristics of working age women, focusing on their financial independence. They combine an examination of policy and institutional changes that occurred in Australia during the 1980s and 1990s with an analysis of income survey microdata for the...

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