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A primary function of the Pilbara Development Commission is to advocate for the sustainable economic and social development of the Pilbara.

There is no single system in place that captures and monitors the data in relation to transient worker accommodation in Western Australia. This document has collated existing information at the local and state level however, it is believed that data collected is conservative and that due to factors such as those previously discussed TWA numbers are higher than stated here.

An attempt to capture and assess Transient Worker Accommodation bed numbers is complicated by the use of privately owned homes, hotels and caravan parks as TWA.

Exploration camps and TWA on mining leases do not need planning approval from local government when approved through State level agreements.

The identified number of Transient Worker Accommodation beds as at 2011 in the Pilbara is 50,388. In comparison, the total estimated residential population of the Pilbara by ABS in 2010 is 48,610 people. These comparisons are significant in the fact that they highlight population estimations issues which in turn translate into infrastructure and essential service planning.

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