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24 Mar 2014

Indonesian Finance Minister Dr Muhamad Chatib Basri, and other distinguished academic experts from ANU including Professor Hugh White, Professor Virginia Hooker and Professor Andrew MacIntyre, take part in this public forum to launch the issue of the East Asia Forum Quarterly, ' Indonesia's Choices '....


27 May 2008

Indonesia has changed markedly in the recent past and has become a more democratic and pluralist country.

The report, authored by Professor Andrew MacIntyre and Dr Douglas E Ramage, urges Australia to understand the new stable landscape of Indonesia. It makes a number of...

Discussion paper

1 Apr 2003

This discussion paper tackles the dilemma of Indonesia's rapid economic growth amid a system of corruption and collusion. The author theorises that the political and institutional circumstances of Suharto's Indonesia were such that they gave the leader a powerful incentive to ensure that bribes were...

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