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28 Jul 2015

This report identifies these opportunities and barriers for the agricultural sector in the context of complex social and political issues around rural and regional Australia.


30 Jul 2012

This paper addresses three questions relating to the very extensive use of the GTAP global trade protection database: Are there additional price-distorting policy instruments worthy of inclusion in the base year? What is the appropriate counterfactual set of price distortions in the year of concern...


30 May 2012

Traditionally, development economists had a dim view of the contribution that farmers made to modern economic growth, compared with manufacturers. Hence agricultural exports and manufacturing imports were often taxed. This view changed over time though, as first economists and then policy makers came to understand...

Working paper

22 May 2012

By how much did the cost of governmental barriers to trade change over the 20 th century, and how might they change by the middle of the 21 st century? This paper addresses that question by first reviewing evidence on the changing extent of global...

Working paper

30 Apr 2012

This paper provides new evidence of the extent of change in domestic relative to international prices in both food-exporting and food-importing countries.

The recent upward spike in the international price of food led some countries to raise export barriers. As in previous price spike...

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