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20 Jan 2014

Students with similar individual and parental characteristics attending the same school, but living in neighbourhoods with different levels of socioeconomic status, are likely to have similar educational outcomes.

About the research: While much research has been conducted on the influence of individual and...


9 Apr 2010

This report find that compared to Year 12 completers, there is little benefit from obtaining certificate level qualifications, but there are positive employment and earnings outcomes associated with obtaining diploma level qualifications.

Compared to non-completers of Year 12, however, there are benefits from...


22 Mar 2010

Increasing the number of people with vocational qualifications at the certificate III level or higher was one of the targets set by the Council of Australian Governments in late 2008 as a way of increasing the skill levels of the Australian population. But why enrol...


11 Nov 2008

This paper demonstrates that the introduction of minimum wage legislation in Australia in 1997 and subsequent minimum wage increases appear not to have had any significant negative employment effects for teenagers.The time-series approach used in the minimum wage literature essentially aims to estimate a treatment...


2 Sep 2008

The 1996-97 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) in Australia introduced strict gun laws, primarily as a reaction to the mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996, where 35 people were killed. Despite the fact that several researchers using the same data have examined the impact...

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