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A Marsden Jacob final report prepared for Snowy Hydro Limited
31 Jan 2018

This report presents the findings of an independent study by Marsden Jacob Associates of the changing nature of wholesale energy supply in the National Electricity Market (NEM) associated with the increasing penetration of intermittent generation, and the market benefits that would be provided by the...


13 Nov 2009

Following the 20th anniversary of Bob Hawke's launch of the Decade of Landcare, this paper in the Journal Agricultural Science presents an agenda to rejuvenate the Landcare program, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

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29 Oct 2009

Paddock to plate: policy propositions for sustaining food and farming systems is the second and final phase of the Future Food & Farming project commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) with funding from the William Buckland Foundation. The report explores the future of...


11 Nov 2008

This discussion paper was commissioned by the National Committee on Soil and Terrain (NCST) to investigate the key soil resource and management issues and opportunities in Australia.

The paper provides perspectives on:

- A vision and guiding principles for soil management...


9 Jul 2008

Australia's 56 regional natural resource management (NRM) bodies are at the front line of tackling sustainability challenges on the ground.

Regional NRM bodies operate at a catchment or landscape scale, across industries, property boundaries and land tenures. They bring diverse stakeholders together to...

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