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Royalties for Regions Six Year Impact Survey (2008-2014)
23 Jun 2014

The Royalties for Regions program represented a paradigm shift in how the royalties generated from the mining and petroleum industries were to be reinvested in the future of regional communities. This report seeks to understand what impact Royalties for Regions program delivery has had in...


1 Jan 2006

An evaluation of the effectiveness of regional approaches to natural resource management (NRM) in achieving sustainable agriculture outcomes indicated that although the regional delivery model is effective, there is still a lot of potential to be realised.


1 Jan 2003

Indicators of Regional Development in Western Australia (hereafter also termed the Regional Indicators Report) presents a picture of regional Western Australia in 2002, within a framework that considers the Government's strategic approach to regional and sustainable development.

The indicators in the Report measure the...

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