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18 May 2010

The East Asian region generally and Southeast Asia in particular have long been associated with authoritarian rule. Mark Beeson argues that the intensification of a range of environmental problems means that authoritarian rule is likely to become even more commonplace there in the future....


12 Oct 2006

Religion and the resurgence of faith-based foreign policies have become a central theme in contemporary world politics. In a series of short essays, Lorraine Elliott, Mark Beeson, Shahram Azbarzadeh, Greg Fealy and Stuart Harris investigate the main features of this resurgence and put to the...


15 Nov 2005

As Australia’s prominent role in the ‘coalition of the willing’ in Iraq demonstrates, the strategy of cultivating close ties with the Leviathan or – in more contemporary parlance – the hegemon, is alive and well. In this essay Mark Beeson asks whether this is an...


6 Oct 2004

America's remarkable military, economic and political power provided it with the opportunity to profoundly influence the development of the international system, but the precise way this has happened has owed a great deal to the efforts and ideas of a surprisingly small coterie of intellectuals,...


7 May 2003

The policy document Advancing the National Interest reveals much about the Howard government's understanding of contemporary economic and geopolitical realities. The author questions the government's pursuit of a free trade agreement with the United States which puts our economic relationship on a parallel footing to...

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