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10 Aug 2009

Significant interest in Australia's uranium export industry has re-emerged in the face of increased energy demand, fears of eventual reduced supplies of traditional energy sources, further evidence of global climate change and prospective higher electricity prices.

This paper examines how Australia will respond...


12 Oct 2006

Religion and the resurgence of faith-based foreign policies have become a central theme in contemporary world politics. In a series of short essays, Lorraine Elliott, Mark Beeson, Shahram Azbarzadeh, Greg Fealy and Stuart Harris investigate the main features of this resurgence and put to the...

Working paper

20 Nov 2003

In 1999, Gerry Segal, then Director of Research at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, wrote an article in Foreign Affairs entitled 'Does China matter?' His article ranged across economic, political and strategic issues but his overall conclusion was that China's importance had been greatly...

Working paper

16 Jan 2003

This study is concerned with how far globalisation has affected the capacity of China, as a developing nation, to make and implement foreign policy. China’s entry into the UN, the Nixon/Kissinger visits, and expanding membership of international institutions, meant that a quantitative expansion of diplomatic...


19 Feb 2002

Globalisation represents a lot of different things to a lot of people: parliamentarians, journalists, academics, business leaders and bureaucrats among them. This paper identifies and analyses key questions about globalisation, giving special emphasis to its particular implications for the Asia-Pacific region and for Australia.

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