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How policies and perceptions shape opportunities
7 Nov 2018

This report offers insights into how service providers, community groups and policy makers respond to increasingly diverse local populations, including newly arriving humanitarian migrants, to foster economic security and social inclusion.


10 Apr 2018

Like larger urban populations, rural and regional communities have also experienced significant changes with increasing forms of mobility across a number of areas involving rural-to-rural, rural-to-urban, urban-to-rural or international-to-rural migration.


5 Jun 2015

Despite the publicity given to their plight, international students are still highly disadvantaged in the workforce.

International student workers are ubiquitous in the capital cities of Australia. Take a taxi in Sydney, there is a good chance the driver is an international student; walk...


9 Aug 2010

The Community Service Leadership Program enabled disadvantaged young people in alternative educational settings to explore, devise and implement projects to benefit their local community.

The Community Service Leadership Program (CSLP), developed by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Rotary Club of Melbourne, enabled...


21 Jan 2009

An evaluation of the Cottage Centre for Families and Children which served inner-Melbourne families with young children shows that it was an effective model for assisting families with complex needs. Defining principles included early intervention, considering the child in the context of family and community;...

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