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15 Jul 2019

This report aims to enhance and improve the level of publicly available information of TEQSA’s risk assessments, with a view to articulate the risk analysis process and risk findings in further detail to the sector.


An overview of Australian higher education provider responses to the issue of sexual assault and sexual harassment
25 Jan 2019

This report presents TEQSA’s analysis of the responses and information on the websites of 42 universities and 126 independent and TAFE higher education providers. The report explains the method by which the analysis was undertaken, and details the actions TEQSA is taking to support provider...


4 Oct 2017

This Good Practice Note does not purport to deliver a ‘solution’ to the problem of contract cheating, but aims to provide a stimulus for reflection and a call to action, both in our own institutions, and as part of a sector-wide collaboration.


6 Jun 2017

While many new approaches to improving student attrition outcomes have been tried and there has been some improvement in retention in Australia and other countries, the improvement is not universal across the institutions, and there remains a persistent level of attrition in the sector.

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