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The NSW Government is committed to planning for the future housing, jobs, infrastructure and environmental needs of its regions. To deliver this commitment, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment released a draft New England North West Regional Plan in late 2016 for public comment. The New England North West 2036 is the blueprint to deliver the region’s future. The Plan proposes a number of policies and actions that have been developed in consultation with stakeholders. It outlines a 20-year vision for the region based on leveraging the region’s natural resources, location and communities to be a leading 21st century regional economy. Stakeholders and the community were invited to provide feedback on the draft New England North West Regional Plan between 19 December 2016 and 20 March 2017. During this period, the Department received 33 submissions from a range of stakeholders.

From the tablelands of the Great Dividing Range to the wide open black soil plains, the New England North West is one of Australia’s most productive agricultural areas. It is home to nationally recognised tourist destinations, a growing mineral resource sector and significant biodiversity. This strong economic base will provide opportunities in emerging industries across renewable energy, green technology and food and fibre processing to meet growing demand from Asia. Strategically located between Sydney and Brisbane, the high-quality transport networks to Newcastle, Sydney and South East Queensland will provide ready access to domestic and international markets and services. Regional cities and centres will provide opportunities for new jobs, housing, education and health services to create healthy and thriving regional communities supported by a vibrant and dynamic economy.

The next 20 years will be an exciting period of change and growth as new industries emerge, communities grow and connect, and the regional economy continues to flourish. The New England North West Regional Plan 2036 is the blueprint to deliver this exciting future. The Plan will guide the NSW Government’s land use planning priorities and decisions to 2036. It is not intended to be a step-by-step approach to all land use planning. Rather, it provides an overarching framework to guide subsequent and more detailed land use plans, development proposals and infrastructure funding decisions. The Implementation Plan that accompanies this Plan includes Priority actions as well as mediumand longer-term actions to coincide with population and economic change. Priorities for each council are set out in Local Government Narratives, which will guide further investigations and implementation. The Plan is the product of extensive consultation with councils, stakeholders and the wider community, conducted around the draft Plan which was released in 2016. The feedback from this consultation is integral to this final New England North West Regional Plan 2036.

The consultation report summarises the engagement program undertaken for the draft Plan and feedback received through the engagement program. It also details the range of submissions received in response to the draft Plan, the themes raised through submissions and the NSW Government’s response and actions related to these issues. These responses have guided the development of the New England North West Regional Plan 2036.

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