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Policy report

6 Oct 2017

This paper presents some options for the details of the property taxes reform package, and then assesses their comparative efficiency and redistribution effects.


25 Jul 2015

The proposals are approximately revenue neutral in aggregate and minimize redistribution relative to the current economic incidence. The proposed reforms include: remove current exemptions to achieve comprehensive payroll and land tax bases, and apply flat rates with individual state rights to choose the rate and...


14 Oct 2014

The reform of Australia’s federation is under review, with a White Paper process currently underway. In this video recorded at ANU on Thursday 2 October 2014 a group of experts consider what reform issues should be foremost.

Discussion paper

18 Mar 2013

General observations

The case for reform of the taxation and social security systems, together with reform blueprints, were provided in the Henry Review released in May 2010. To the Henry Review reform proposals should be added a more comprehensive and higher rate GST,...


5 Aug 2009

This paper explores the potential use of environmental taxes in Australia in addition to the broad based and larger revenue raising taxes on income, consumption and assets.

Environmental taxes are one of the available policy intervention instruments for correcting market failures with the allocation...

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