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Intellectual Property (IP) rights have become increasingly important in a globalised world where intangible assets make up the majority of the value of companies. Greater global demand for products and services has increased the need for businesses and inventors to seek protection in multiple countries. It is critical that the IP system in Australia adapts to this changing landscape to serve Australian innovation and business both at home and abroad.

IP Australia is the entity responsible for administering Australia’s IP rights system, specifically Patents,

Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights. Our vision is to create a world leading IP system building prosperity for Australia.

Our purposes, as outlined in the 2017 18 Portfolio Budget Statement (PBS) are to:

  • Deliver improved IP rights administration and professional registration
  • Increase awareness of the IP system
  • Shape the IP system domestically and internationally to serve Australian innovation and business.

To support our business and the delivery of effective and efficient IP rights administration, we are committed to building the capability of our people and providing value for money across our corporate and enabling services.

Our purposes enable us to provide an effective legal framework for innovators to protect their ideas. This creates a secure environment for investment in innovation, enables firms to build brand value and business knowledge, and encourages the disclosure of inventions and the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Our Corporate Plan draws a clear alignment between our purposes and the work we do by focussing on three strategic objectives:

  • Operational Excellence – high performing core business and internal operations
  • Service Excellence – high performing externally facing services that support our core business
  • Value Add - Our expertise is leveraged to deliver value to the Australian IP system and broader economy.
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