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4 Jun 2014

This paper reviews recent research findings into couples in long-term relationships (married and de facto) that provide insight into the couple relationship over time. This paper addresses aspects of couple relationships such as commitment, personality traits, transitioning to parenthood, health, and relationship satisfaction. The aim...


29 Aug 2011

This article examines methods used improve the ongoing monitoring and outcome evaluation of home-based foster care services.

The growing emphasis on evaluation may require agencies to re-think some of their organisational practices - for example, in order to accommodate evaluation procedures and requirements -...


15 Nov 2010

This Practice Sheet provides information on how to assess and respond to the needs of parents who are seeking support in their parenting role, by summarising the key elements of three parenting education programs. It is designed for practitioners who work directly with parents who...


18 Oct 2010

Statistics about Indigenous Australians and their families are often presented as stand-alone demographic descriptions and interpreted in the context of non-Indigenous family life. This article presents key demographic data on Indigenous and non-Indigenous mothers, derived from the 2006 Australian Census. The data describe the family...


8 Feb 2010

This article discusses a program written specifically to help Indigenous men to engage with and understand their children.

It also provides a conduit to other family services and contributes to the building of community capacity in those regions in which it is adopted. Robyn...

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