VLA client and service data analysis - January 2017

Legal services Victoria

Victoria Legal Aid partnered with Analytics for Change in 2016 to analyse our client data over a ten-year period, from 2006 to 2016. 

Non-identifying data about our clients was used to analyse:

  • key characteristics of our clients, including age, location, type of service received and other key demographic characteristics
  • the prevalence of co-occurring legal problems
  • key client groups, including young people (10-17 years of age) and people from culturally diverse backgrounds, including people with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background
  • frequency of use, including clients who use our most costly services.

Key findings include:

  • From 2006 to 2016, we provided 1.5 million services to 443,000 clients. Sixty per cent used our services in a single year, while 14 per cent came back to us each year after first receiving help.  
  • Child protection is the most common legal problem among young people and people with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.
  • While one out of ten users of our services will go on to be a ‘high cost’ client, using multiple legal aid services for each year they are in contact with us, approximately three out of ten young people or people with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background will go on to be ‘high cost’ users of legal aid.
  •  A significant number of clients who had received help for family violence also received help for other types of legal problems.
  • The most common matters that coincided with family violence were disputes over parenting arrangements, child protection or being charged with assault.
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