Metadata 2020 is a collaboration that advocates for richer, connected, and reusable metadata for all research outputs. Why?

  • Richer metadata fuels discoverability and innovation.
  • Connected metadata bridges the gaps between systems and communities.
  • Reusable, open metadata eliminates duplication of effort.

When we settle for inadequate metadata, none of this is possible and everyone using those research outputs suffers as a consequence.

This collaboration will engage publishers, aggregators, service providers, librarians, funders, and researchers to participate by committing to improving the quality and interoperability of their metadata. The aim is to both raise awareness of the importance of scholarly metadata, and provide resources for all who have a stake in creating and using it. Metadata 2020 will demonstrate why richer metadata should be the scholarly community’s top priority, how everyone can self-evaluate and improve, and what can be achieved when the community works together toward a common goal.

Crucially, Metadata 2020 will facilitate communication between the different communities involved in scholarly communications, sharing stories and resources to provide education and support to everyone seeking to improve their metadata.

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