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14 Mar 2005

The first part of this election brief by Scott Bennett is partly a journal of record, partly a discussion of the campaign, and partly a discussion of the outcome. An appendix lists departing Members of the House of Representatives and Senators, together with their replacements....


12 Jul 2004

Stephen Barber and Andrew Kopras provide taxation information for each division following the 2003 redistributions in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. The information includes such categories as the number of taxpayers (taxables and non-taxables), taxable income and the amount of tax paid, including national rankings...


29 Mar 2004

In this paper Andrew Kopras provides a concordance of postcodes to Commonwealth electoral divisions, based on the results ofthe 2001 Census. This is an update of Research Paper 12, 2000-01, and reflects changes to electoral boundaries brought about by recent electoral redistributions. The concordance will...

Briefing paper

22 Mar 2004

Stephen Barber and Andrew Kopras take recently published postcode taxation statistics and aggregate them to an electorate basis. Summary information on such items as taxpayers, taxable income, tax paid and net tax ratio are shown for each electorate in Australia. Six tables ranking the electorates...


10 Feb 2004

The Census collects data on a broad range of social and economic aspects of the Australian population.

This Current Issues Brief provides data on four summary indexes derived from the 2001 Census of Population and Housing.

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