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Literature review

30 Jun 2015

AIATSIS has compiled this bibliography on Indigenous governance as part of its Indigenous Governance Building: Mapping current and future research and practical resource needs project. It is to be read in conjunction with an AIATSIS bibliography on free, prior and informed consent, engagement and consultation,...

Discussion paper

20 May 2013

In recent decades, various forms of co-management of national parks and other protected areas by governments and Indigenous people have come to the fore. This has occurred as Indigenous peoples have progressively demanded greater access to and decision- making power over their traditional lands. The...

Discussion paper

27 May 2011

This Discussion Paper arises from a concern that the current contributions of anthropology in the Australian native title arena are often unnecessarily confined to the production of expert reports and other materials, in accordance with legal briefs and criteria established under native title law.


27 Sep 2009

This report presents the research findings of an in-depth investigation into effective practices for managing conflict involving Indigenous people as part of the Indigenous Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Case Study Project (the Project).

The Indigenous Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Case...


23 Oct 2007

Toni Bauman writes that responses to the Commonwealth Government's national emergency approach to Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory have emphasised the need for 'consultation' yet it might not be 'consultation' that is actually required, at least in the way it has been practised, as...

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