Cracking the glass-cultural ceiling: future proofing your business in the 21st Century - synopsis report

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Although organisations are increasingly investing in building culturally diverse and gender balanced leadership profiles, culturally diverse women are notably under-represented in leadership ranks.

In Australia and overseas, culturally diverse women experience a ‘double jeopardy’ when accessing leadership roles due to their gender and cultural background. This double jeopardy results in a ‘glass-cultural ceiling’ in which invisible organisational barriers lock out culturally diverse women from accessing leadership positions in their workplaces.

Diversity Council Australia has partnered with the University of Sydney Business School, Google, Aurecon, Commonwealth Bank and Deloitte to release this report.

The research comprised an extensive review of international and national research; an on-line survey of 366 female leaders and aspiring leaders from a diversity of backgrounds; four Think Tanks with 54 culturally diverse female leaders and emerging leaders; and 15 individual interviews with culturally diverse women who were in high-profile, very senior roles. The report provides a compelling case for cracking the glass-cultural ceiling.

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