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27 Mar 2009

Richard Tanter of the Nautilus Institute writes that Australia is tied to issues of both nuclear weapons and nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation through a wide range of bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements to which Australia is a party. Beyond the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, these...


13 Jul 2007

Richard Tanter of the Nautilus Institute writes that the Australian Defence Update 2007 'comes after a decade of constant and still unfinished increases in defence spending, a tripling of domestic security spending, huge weapons systems orders, Australian defence Forces deployments from Lebanon to the Solomon...


20 Mar 2007

The defence pact between Australia and Japan confirms already accelerating tendencies for both Japan and Australia to militarize their foreign policies, and forms the core of a nascent anti-China US-dominated multilateral alliance system writes Richard Tanter. He argues that Australia's decision to emphasize the military...

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