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The Northern Territory Government is seeking input for the development of a Digital Territory Strategy. This discussion paper has been prepared to guide feedback and to continue the conversation with government on where we all should focus our efforts.

In this digital age reliance on Information Communications and Technology (ICT) is second nature and embedded within our everyday lives and actions. The convergence of communications and computing technologies means we are connected and have information available to us anytime, anywhere and via a range of devices.

The use of digital technology has increased exponentially over the past decade and continues to accelerate. ICT has moved from being used primarily to meet business and government computing needs to a social focus, providing highly personalised services accessed frequently and shared between billions of people across the globe. New digital innovations and solutions are changing our world in new and exciting ways and at a faster pace than ever seen before. Through the Internet of Things, which puts internet-connected devices in everyday household objects, digital technology is set to explode and open up new horizons.

Developing a strategy provides the opportunity to engage local industry and the community in clarifying our combined aspirations for the Territory as a digital economy.

The final strategy will set out the future goals and actions plans over the next five years that will bring all sectors of the Territory economy together to work on closing the digital divide and establishing the Territory as an active contributor to the global digital economy.

The closing date for feedback is 13 October 2017.

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