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Global reach: Supporting the professional mobility of Australian engineers

10 Oct 2008

Globalisation has led to increased integration of the world’s economies and technical developments have driven the growth of traded services. The ease with which people can now travel and communicate across international borders has made international transactions commonplace. Engineering services is just one of a number of professional services now being regularly traded internationally. Australian engineers have the expertise and capabilities necessary to succeed in providing professional services in the rapidly growing international market place. However, there are major impediments to the international provision of professional services. In response to the growing importance of the services sector, this report examines the role of non-tariff barriers, mutual recognition agreements, and domestic regulation in obstructing or facilitating trade in professional services at a regional and multilateral level. It also addresses the role of the Australian government in supporting, facilitating and championing overseas trading opportunities for Australian exporters of professional services. The report also draws on a survey of Engineers Australia’s members to discuss the nature of global engineering and build a profile of Australian engineering exporters. The aim has also been to identify the key non-tariff barriers operating to restrict trade in engineering services, particularly domestic regulations and licensing procedures that may limit the ability of Australian engineers to provide services in some countries.

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