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29 Aug 2015


The aim of the study is to reduce the high prevalence of tooth decay in children in a remote, rural Indigenous community in Australia, by application of a single annual dental preventive intervention. The study seeks to (1) assess the effectiveness of...

Journal article

29 Oct 2012

As committed Indigenous health researchers in Australia, these researchers aim to provide the answers to key questions relating to health that might enable Indigenous Australians to live the lives that they would choose to live.

Working with Indigenous communities towards research that...


14 Sep 2011

This research report explores the impact of poor oral health on the lives of a group young Indigenous Australians.

Social and emotional well-being is an important component of overall health. In the Indigenous Australian context, risk indicators of poor social and emotional well-being include...


21 Jul 2008

This report argues for strengthened efforts to prevent head injury generally, with special attention to high-risk population segments.Indigenous people, particularly women, were disproportionately represented among those hospitalised for head injury due to assault. Head injury imposes a substantial burden of care on individuals and communities....

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