While Tasmania’s unemployment rate sits at around the national average at 5.6% the survey results have revealed that underemployment is a critical issue for many Tasmanian workers.

The importance of underemployment is being increasingly recognised as a vital part of the unemployment picture, including by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Respondents to the survey also identified working additional hours and not being paid for them as a significant concern.

Key findings of the jobs survey:

  • Over 60% of respondents indicated they want more hours to help make ends meet;
  • 80% of respondents answered that they were required to sometimes work extra hours;
  • When asked if they were always paid for these hours or given time off in lieu, only 44.3% answered ‘always’ leaving 56% of respondents who answered either ‘sometimes’, ‘harder ever’ or ‘ever’.
  • Of those who answered that they ‘hardly ever’ get paid overtime, only 34.4% say they have enough hours to make ends meet.
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