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27 Apr 2016

Australian higher education equity policy focusses mostly on access and participation with the implicit assumption that disadvantage will be ameliorated through educational achievement. Less is known as to whether patterns of disadvantage continue post-completion. In a context in which graduate employability is becoming an important...


23 Nov 2009

Confidence in the criminal justice system has emerged as a critical issue at the interface of the administration of justice and political pressures in western democracies. For more than a decade, governments in the West have felt acute pressure to make the criminal justice system...


27 May 2009

This report explores the differences between the public view and the reality of how much recorded crime there is and of what happens to offenders after they are charged. The results are valuable as a measure of public attitudes and perceptions of crime and the...


6 Oct 2008

Over the last decade Australians have embraced new information and communication technologies. The majority of Australians now have access to computers and the Internet. By the beginning of 2007 there were 5.67 million households in Australia with home Internet access, with many more individuals accessing...

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