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18 Jun 2019

This report argues that quantitative easing (QE) is an operating instrument for policy, rather than a monetary policy as such. As with policy conducted via official interest rates, QE’s effectiveness depends on the policy framework in which it is located, as well as how the...


20 Mar 2019

This report finds the link between productivity and compensation in Australia remains robust under existing institutional arrangements, although this does not preclude the possibility of further reforms that could boost productivity, worker compensation and improve the distribution of productivity gains.


14 Nov 2018

This report puts the openness and international connectedness of the Australian economy into historical and comparative perspective. Understanding these trends is important for public perceptions of globalisation and how these perceptions inform public policy.


21 Aug 2018

Existing research has largely focused on the effects of economic policy uncertainty and partisan political conflict on economic activity, employment and investment. This report extends this work to examine the effect of this uncertainty on cross-border trade and investment, with a particular focus on Australia...


26 Jul 2018

This report outlines some of the national security issues raised by recent changes in the sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia and the United States. The regulatory regimes for screening FDI in both countries are examined, with a particular focus on how these...

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