Towards a competitive and sustainable OA market in Europe - a study of the open access market and policy environment

A study prepared for the OpenAIRE 2020 project, on behalf of the European Commisssion
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Current policy interventions in Europe are not sufficient either to deliver the goal of immediate open access by 2020, or to significantly improve market competitiveness. Recent evidence indicates that growth in the open access market has slowed to 10-15% per annum, but a growth rate of 25% every year since 2014 would be needed for the majority of content to be immediate OA by 2020. As things stand, authors lack real incentives to switch to open access publications, and there is no commercial imperative for publishers to ‘flip’ subscription journals to an open access business model.

The roadblocks to achieving widespread open access and a competitive and sustainable market can thus be summarised as follows:

1. Weak author incentives

2. Disparate national and disciplinary contexts

3. No clear route to transition for subscription publishers

4. Lack of competition in the market

5. Suboptimal infrastructure

6. Inadequate monitoring and reporting

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