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New Zealand’s aid programme aims to make a positive difference in people’s lives‚ demonstrated through tangible‚ measurable results. To do this‚ we need a plan that outlines our ambition and focus.

This strategic plan sets out our intentions and priorities for the next four years. It continues implementation of the 2011 International Development Policy Statement, which defines the mission of the New Zealand Aid Programme. The plan also reflects the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)’s new strategic framework and four-year plan. It highlights the contribution New Zealand’s aid makes to developing shared prosperity and stability in our region and beyond.

Country relationships are at the heart of the New Zealand Aid Programme. We focus our aid and influence to achieve sustainable, inclusive and resilient development outcomes that meet the aspirations of people in our partner countries.

We maintain a thematic focus on sustainable economic development. We will invest in 12 investment priorities that reflect key development opportunities in partner countries and draw on New Zealand strengths. Two of these, agriculture and renewable energy, are our flagship priorities.

The principle of ‘Pacific focus, global reach’ will continue to guide the geographic focus of our bilateral and regional aid. We will work across all 12 priorities in the Pacific, where we invest the majority of our aid. In other regions, we will focus on our flagships and a limited number of other priorities. We will also invest in multilateral partnerships that deliver development outcomes in over 150 developing countries.

New Zealand’s aid budget will increase over the next three years. Our budget will be invested in line with our focus on the Pacific and on sustainable economic development. Aid to ASEAN countries, especially the poorer members, will also increase substantially.

MFAT is accountable to New Zealand tax payers. We seek to deliver the most effective development outcomes at the lowest feasible cost. Our approach to aid at the country level will be coherent, supported by robust information, and focused to make a measurable difference. We will increase our effectiveness and speed of delivery by specialising in initiatives where we can offer particular value for partner countries. We will replicate successful approaches where appropriate.

Leadership on key development policy issues complements our financial investments. We will continue to advocate for development-friendly New Zealand policies, and be a champion internationally for development issues affecting small island developing states. We will also step up leadership of a whole-ofgovernment approach to aid delivery.

Our development investments and policy leadership will deliver effective and sustainable development outcomes for our partners. Through this we will contribute to the ambitious global targets for poverty eradication, economic transformation, and inclusive growth under the United Nations post-2015 development agenda.

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