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7 Sep 2009

BITRE has examined trends in the fuel consumption of new passenger vehicles sold in Australia. Up to 2001, technological advances in engine technology, which improved fuel efficiency, were offset by increases in power, weight and the popularity of 4WD vehicles. Since 2001 the...


14 May 2009

This information sheet analyses the trends in passenger transport in Australia's eight capital cities over the period 1977 to 2008. Although car travel continues to dominate travel in our cities, urban public transport has accounted for much of the growth in travel from 2004 to...


19 Aug 2008

Transport fuel use responds negatively to price increases (in both the short and the long run), and positively to population and income increases, according to this report, which describes the differing effects across the various transport modes.

In the short run, car fuel use...

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